Monday, August 22, 2016

Some Boca Raton Residents Can Use Reclaimed Water to Irrigate Their Lawns

Reclaimed water irrigation systems preserve potable drinking water for uses such as drinking, cooking and bathing instead of using it for irrigation.

The City of Boca Raton allows residents in some parts of the city to make use of reclaimed water to water their lawns. The city’s Project IRIS (In-City Reclamation Irrigation System) offers reclaimed water to irrigate residential properties, commercial properties, public parks and other spaces. If they live in particular areas, residents can hire businesses that perform work on sprinklers boca raton to hook up their sprinkler systems to the city’s reclaimed water supply. Using reclaimed water to irrigate lawns and landscaping preserves massive amounts of potable drinking water for uses like drinking, bathing and cooking.

Boca Raton residents can contact City Hall to find out if they live in an area eligible for a hook-up to the reclaimed water supply. If they do live in such an area, they can hire licensed irrigation businesses registered with the City to apply for a reclaimed water use permit and connect their sprinkler systems to the City’s supply. Businesses that perform irrigation delray beach services and irrigation boynton beach services can also help homeowners and property managers take advantage of this water source.

For years, municipalities across the state have used reclaimed water, or treated wastewater, to meet the watering needs of their citizens as well as commercial water needs and industrial water needs. Although unsafe to drink, reclaimed water nourishes grass and plants quite well. Sprinkler systems that make use of reclaimed water typically contain purple components − such as purple pipe, purple covers on sprinkler heads and purple valve box covers – to denote that the water is unsafe to consume. Cities such as Boca Raton treat reclaimed water to remove solids and impurities from the water before allowing the water to be reused for other purposes.

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