Monday, October 19, 2020

As Wet Weather Continues, Do Your Sprinklers Need to Run as Much?

Sprinklers running in the rain typically represents a waste of waster and money.

South Florida just concluded one of its rainiest rainy seasons in memory, and the wet weather has not relented yet. Communities and homeowners across our area may wind up paying unnecessarily for irrigation water and wind up with problems like weeds from irrigating too much. Let experienced and qualified sprinkler repair boca raton professionals help you or your community save money on your water bills and avoid nuisances like dollar weed and dichondra, which result from excess moisture in the soil.

Hire experienced and licensed contractors and companies to help you make the most out of your sprinkler system. Leading companies across the area have helped many customers improve the efficiency of their sprinkler systems by upgrading their sprinkler controllers, installing rainswitches, rain sensors and other water-saving technology and improving the layout of their sprinkler heads to reduce over-spray and over-saturation.  Top irrigation west palm beach businesses boast decades of experience in the South Florida market and have great familiarity with the products and methods that produce the best results for best results for customers’ lawns and landscapes. These businesses will check your sprinkler clock settings to see if you need to run the system more or less.

In recent weeks, rainfall has provided enough moisture so that, in most cases, people should not have needed their sprinklers to run on a consistent basis. The rains have provided more than sufficient water for lawns across the area. Sprinkler systems that employ rainswitches and other such devices should not run when the properties that they irrigate receive a particular threshold of rain, such as a quarter-inch of rain.

To learn more about water-saving devices like rainswitches, contact reputable irrigation boca raton contractors and ask them for more information.  These professionals can educate consumers about a number of other products like sprinkler heads with check valves, in-ground moisture sensors, advanced controllers and more.

Thursday, December 28, 2017

Dry Weather May Expose Sprinkler Deficiencies

People with patchy grass may lack a quality irrigation system.

Many locations across South Florida, including spots in Boca Raton and Delray Beach, have received little rainfall in December, putting stress on lawns and plants at many properties. Without properly-functioning irrigation systems, people’s grass and landscaping may perish under such dry conditions. Dry weather tends to make apparent inadequacies and deficiencies in sprinkler systems. It becomes obvious where the sprinklers reach and where they don’t, and people can easily notice when a sprinkler zone or zones do not operate. Leading sprinkler companies in Boca Raton and in the wider region can help residential customers, communities and commercial customers across the area address their sprinkler problems and keep their landscapes and lawns healthy. Call licensed sprinklers boca raton businesses in the area to get common problems like broken sprinkler heads, clogged nozzles, defective solenoids and loss-of-prime professionally taken care of.

Although it does not require a ton of knowledge or skills to take care of the most basic sprinkler issues, professional irrigation companies tend to produce the best results for people across the area, helping them to irrigate their properties efficiently and responsibly. Sure, almost anyone could dig up a sprinkler head and replace it with a generic head that anyone could buy from a home improvement store. Professional businesses, however, will replace that head with a professional-grade sprinkler head and install it properly. Most companies will also warranty their work. Top irrigation delray beach businesses will check customers’ whole sprinkler systems, adjusting and repairing heads and pipes as necessary. This work may include replacing sprinkler nozzles and moving, raising or adding heads to improve sprinkler coverage. The best sprinkler firms in the Palm Beaches know how to troubleshoot loss-of-prime issues in sprinkler systems that use pumps.

People who experience brown spots in their grass and/or wilting plants can get their sprinkler issues fixed by sprinkler professionals during the current dry weather. Keep your lawn green regardless of the weather conditions.

Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Overwatering Leads to Higher Water Bills

For homeowners and communities that use city water to irrigate their properties, over-watering of lawns and landscapes can translate to larger-than-normal water bills. Many people use more water than necessary during the summer months, watering their lawns despite sufficient rainfall. Sprinkler companies across the area help customers reduce their utility bills by making their sprinkler systems more efficient and eco-friendly. People in areas like Boca Raton, Highland Beach and Delray Beach who want to reduce their water usage may want to hire licensed sprinklers boca raton firms to repair problems like broken sprinkler heads and broken sprinkler lines, which can contribute to excess water usage.

Top sprinkler companies in the Palm Beaches can help customers make their irrigation systems more efficient in a number of ways. Top irrigation delray beach companies will check people’s sprinkler systems, fixing leaks and adjusting heads for problems such as over-spray. These businesses can also suggest improvements and upgrades that will reduce customers’ water usage and improve the performance of their sprinkler systems. Irrigation firms can install rainswitches that prevent sprinkler systems from running when properties have received a certain threshold of rainfall. While adding a rainswitch will reduce unnecessary irrigation, homeowners and communities may also want to explore ideas such as proper head placement and eliminating “mixed” zones. Some sprinkler systems have mixed zones of mist heads and rotors, which provide uneven watering. People may need to run zones longer to put down sufficient water.

Call licensed irrigation businesses across the area to learn more about proper irrigation principles and to schedule a service call to improve the performance and efficiency of your sprinkler system. You may have to wait a week or longer to get an appointment with the best companies, as they tend to stay busy. Qualified and experienced sprinkler professionals can help you reduce how much you water and make the most out of your watering.