Thursday, July 27, 2017

Extreme Heat Stressing Lawns Across the Area

Many lawns across our area have suffered from the heat and unusually dry weather.

Summer has come in with a vengeance this year, prompting heat advisories, keeping many people indoors and stressing already-parched lawns and landscapes. The National Weather Service issued a heat advisory yesterday for Palm Beach County and other parts of South Florida. With temperatures approaching the “century mark” and little rain in sight in many areas, communities and homeowners have noticed deficiencies in their irrigation systems. Spots and areas in people’s yards that do not get irrigation, or not enough irrigation, may have burned up from insufficient watering.   Leading sprinkler companies across the area have stayed busy in recent weeks, responding to people’s requests for assistance. Firms that provide irrigation boca raton services can help resolve coverage issues by replacing or repairing defective sprinklers heads, moving and/or raising heads and adding heads as necessary.

Although recent rains have helped many people’s lawns bounce back, well-maintained and efficient sprinkler systems help people keep their yards looking healthy and green no matter what Mother Nature throws at us. While rains have helped many areas across the region, they have not fallen uniformly. Western communities and locations have received more rainfall than Eastern spots. A high-quality irrigation system provides lawns and plants with the water they need to survive, despite the hot and dry weather conditions. By design, sprinkler systems should supplement natural precipitation and provide plants and lawns with at least the minimum amount of water they need to live. If your lawn and landscaping have suffered during the recent heat and dry weather, your sprinkler system may need repairs or upgrades. Companies that work on sprinklers delray beach have helped many people improve the performance of their irrigation systems and improve the health of their yards.

Top irrigation companies have struggled to keep up with the demand for their services as so many landscapes region-wide have suffered through these weather conditions.

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