Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Overwatering Leads to Higher Water Bills

For homeowners and communities that use city water to irrigate their properties, over-watering of lawns and landscapes can translate to larger-than-normal water bills. Many people use more water than necessary during the summer months, watering their lawns despite sufficient rainfall. Sprinkler companies across the area help customers reduce their utility bills by making their sprinkler systems more efficient and eco-friendly. People in areas like Boca Raton, Highland Beach and Delray Beach who want to reduce their water usage may want to hire licensed sprinklers boca raton firms to repair problems like broken sprinkler heads and broken sprinkler lines, which can contribute to excess water usage.

Top sprinkler companies in the Palm Beaches can help customers make their irrigation systems more efficient in a number of ways. Top irrigation delray beach companies will check people’s sprinkler systems, fixing leaks and adjusting heads for problems such as over-spray. These businesses can also suggest improvements and upgrades that will reduce customers’ water usage and improve the performance of their sprinkler systems. Irrigation firms can install rainswitches that prevent sprinkler systems from running when properties have received a certain threshold of rainfall. While adding a rainswitch will reduce unnecessary irrigation, homeowners and communities may also want to explore ideas such as proper head placement and eliminating “mixed” zones. Some sprinkler systems have mixed zones of mist heads and rotors, which provide uneven watering. People may need to run zones longer to put down sufficient water.

Call licensed irrigation businesses across the area to learn more about proper irrigation principles and to schedule a service call to improve the performance and efficiency of your sprinkler system. You may have to wait a week or longer to get an appointment with the best companies, as they tend to stay busy. Qualified and experienced sprinkler professionals can help you reduce how much you water and make the most out of your watering.

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